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UPSv2 Double Release
2009.11.04 02:50:36

Two new UPSv2 releases today.

- option to query shipping rates using manufacturer's address
- option to offer an "additional service" when displaying shipping rate choices


- All the features of UPSv2 ported to VirtueMart 1.1.4


Check out my Free Software page to download

Tags: VirtueMart | UPS | UPSv2 | Free Software


2009.12.29 05:14:59

I do not see upsv2 release dated "2009.11.04 02:50:36" in your free software download page? Please direct me to latest release for vm 1.1.3

2009.12.29 07:22:31

The two versions listed above are the latest public release. Version 2009.10.19 is the last release for VM113.


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