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USPS Name Change
2013.01.22 16:28:21

The USPS Name change has struck again! The USPSv5 module is based on name matching, so this of course breaks the module for any service that has its name changed.  In this latest edition, the "Parcel Post" is changing to "Standard Post".

To fix your installation of USPSv5, do the following:

In uspsv5.php, find the first line and replace with the second:
"USPS_SHIP20_TEXT" => "Parcel Post<sup>®</sup>", // CLASSID 4  // Disable after 2013-01-27

"USPS_SHIP20_TEXT" => "Standard Post<sup>®</sup>",  // CLASSID 4  // Enable after 2013-01-27

In uspsv5.cfg.php, do the same thing:
define ('USPS_SHIP20_TEXT', '
Parcel Post<sup>®</sup>);  // disable after 2013-01-27

define ('USPS_SHIP20_TEXT', 'Standard Post<sup>®</sup>');  // enable after 2013-01-27


Tags: bugfix | Update | Free Software | Shipping Module | VirtueMart | USPSv5

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vm119 Combined Shipping Module
2012.07.31 14:39:37

My combined shipping module includes UPSv2, FedExv2, and USPSv5. It is based on VirtueMart 1.1.9 code.

I've had approximately 15 installations with no reports of issues with this module, so I am publicly releasing it.  Visit my "Free Software" page to download today.

Tags: Shipping Module | FedEx | FedExv2 | UPS | UPSv2 | USPSv5 | USPS | Free Software | VirtueMart | Update | gpl

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Avalara AvaTax
2012.06.06 16:08:59
I'm currently in the middle of integrating Avalara's AvaTax solution with VirtueMart 1.1.9, focusing on both the address validation and tax calculation services.  I will possibly make this integration available for installation or installation-for-hire in the near future.

Tags: Avalara | AvaTax | VirtueMart | integration | tax | address validation

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VirtueMart - Retargetting
2012.05.02 12:25:10

VirtueMart saves the cart contents of users who have logged in and have items in the cart, along with a timestamp.  This makes it an ideal starting point for retargetting customers, especially "abandoned" carts.  Using this info, I've written a mod that uses a Joomla article as an email template and sends an email containing a special coupon code and message with the cart contents to lure the users back to the website.  The email also contains a link that automatically logs the user in, applies the coupon, and sends them to the checkout page.  The coupon expires in a configurable number of hours and/or days, so once it expires the auto login feature no longer works and they are asked to view the front page for more specials.

In my Dashboard mod, I wrote a section that shows all "abandoned" carts (based on a configurable time in the retargeting config), all "live" carts, and also shows the timestamps, coupon codes, and email status for each abandoned cart.


Screenshot of the email, with client info redacted:


Retarget Email

Tags: Custom Mod | VirtueMart | Retargeting

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Authorize.net CIM - 2009
2012.05.02 12:14:27

I recently came across another payment module I wrote way back in 2009 and never got around to publishing for free download.  Check out the Authorize.net CIM payment module on my "Free Software" page, under VirtueMart payment modules.


This module only touches the surface of the CIM capabilities.  It was written for a specific purpose, a low-traffic but high price web store.  As it is, a new payment profile is created for each transaction, so it's not something you'd want to use on a high-volume site...it also does not utilize the payment credentials storing capabilities of CIM, which would be a great feature for repeate customers.

Tags: Free Software | VirtueMart | Payment Module | Authorize.net | CIM

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VirtueMart 2.0
2012.04.15 00:04:15

I just wanted to clear up any confusion and/or questions about my shipping modules and VirtueMart 2.0.  My UPSv2, USPSv5, and FedExv2 (and all other current modules available for download on my website) do NOT work with VirtueMart 2.0.


I do have plans to create a unified module for VM2 at some point in the (hopefully near) future.  I've only just had time to download, install, and begin learning the ins and outs of VM2.0, so the shipping modules are still a good ways out.


Thank you, and check back here for updates.


Tags: Shipping Module | USPSv5 | USPS | Free Software | VirtueMart | Update | VirtueMart 2.0

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USPSv5 Service Name Change
2012.01.26 19:24:20
USPS has changed the "First-Class Mail Package" to "First-Class Mail Parcel".  I have updated the vm118 and BASIC versions of the USPSv5 module to reflect this change.  To update your module, download the appropriate zip, unpack uspsv5.php and copy to /administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes/shipping/.  Save your config a few times to make sure the new name takes effect

Tags: Update | VirtueMart | Free Software | USPS | USPSv5 | Shipping Module

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USPSv5 Bugfix
2012.01.05 13:53:47
Affected Versions:

Bug Description:
Bundled packages with combined weight greater than 70 lbs were not being split into multiple packages

Files affected:

Download the updated version of your module, and replace this file.

Tags: Shipping Module | USPSv5 | USPS | Free Software | VirtueMart | bugfix

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YRC Freight
2011.12.02 14:27:22


I contacted YRC Freight shipping over a year ago about publishing this shipping module for VirtueMart, but never heard back from them.  I sent several emails, and even phoned them.


So, I'm going to go ahead and publish this module, in hopes that YRC will have no objections.  You may find a version for VirtueMart 1.1.5 in my "Free Downloads" software section

Tags: Free Software | VirtueMart | Shipping Module | yrc | gpl

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Baby Steps, or, A Combined Shipping Module
2011.09.01 23:24:18

At a client's request, I have taken the first small step towards a unified UPSv2 + USPSv5 + FedExv2 module. I've merged them altogether and updated the core files to vm119!  However, I've only tested the bundling option.  I have no idea if the other features even work.

I still plan on merging the feature set so that all modules benefit from all of the neat functions that previously only worked for one of them....but it's going to be a while.

I've also been reading up on cutting and packing algorithms, with the end goal of a box-stuffing algorithm in mind.

Tags: Shipping Module | UPSv2 | USPSv5 | FedExv2 | Free Software | VirtueMart

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VirtueMart + Caching
2011.07.29 16:43:29

Caching is a beautiful thing.  It can make your load times go from molasses to lightning.  However, the default caching system in Joomla does not work very well with VirtueMart.   Carts are not updated properly, checkout pages can get messed up, and a host of other issues crop up.  I've found a nice open source solution:


This component + plugin system allows you to bypass caching for module positions, whole components, and even components called with specific arguments.


Tags: VirtueMart | Joomla | cache | Open Source

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USPSv5.2011.03.25 Released
2011.06.27 13:40:09
vm118-USPSv5.2011.03.25 is now available for download on my Free Software page.

Tags: USPSv5 | USPS | VirtueMart | Shipping Module

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USPSv5.2011.02.10 Released
2011.06.27 13:39:34
vm117-USPSv5.2011.02.10 is now available download on my Free Software page.

Tags: USPSv5 | USPS | VirtueMart | Shipping Module

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FedExv2.2011.04.19 Release
2011.06.22 16:41:30
vm118-fedexv2.2011.04.19 is now publicly available on my "Free Software" page.  Thank you donators!


Tags: FedExv2 | FedEx Web Services | VirtueMart | Free Software | Shipping Module

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vm118-FedExv2.2011.04.19 Available
2011.05.13 15:06:13

This version is simply ported to VM118 code.  It is available on a per-donation basis, to be publicly released when the development time has been covered.'

Send paypal donations using my handy "donate" button, and I'll email the module ASAP.  Please indicate which module the donation is for.

Tags: FedExv2 | FedEx Web Services | VirtueMart | Free Software | Shipping Module

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UPSv2.2011.04.19 Public Release
2011.05.11 14:05:20
This latest version of the UPSv2 module is based on VirtueMart 1.1.8 code.  It has all of the features of the previous versions, ported to this newer code base.  No no features this time around.

Tags: UPS | Shipping Module | Free Software | Joomla | VirtueMart | UPSv2

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UPSv2.2011.04.09 Available
2011.04.19 16:35:49

vm118-upsv2.2011.04.09 is now available on a per-donation basis. This module features everything from vm117-upsv2.2011.02.11 does, but has been ported to VirtueMart 1.1.8 code.

This module will be publicly released pending enough donations to cover the time spent porting and testing it.  Send donations via paypal, any amount will suffice.  Please indicate which module the donation is for.

Tags: UPSv2 | VirtueMart | Joomla | Free Software | Shipping Module | UPS v2

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UPSv2.2011.02.11 Public Release
2011.04.19 16:30:46

vm117-upsv2.2011.02.11 has been publicly released.  It is available from my "Free Software" page.


Thank you donators!

Tags: UPSv2 | VirtueMart | Joomla | Free Software | Shipping Module | UPS v2

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USPSv5.2011-03-25 Available
2011.03.25 14:58:14

This is a very small update of the VM117 version in order to be in line with the recent VM118 release.  There were only 2 files involved, with some minor updates.  You should be able to use the VM117 version with VM118 with little or no consequence.

The previous version of this module (vm117-USPSv5.2011.02.10) is still on a donation basis release schedule, so I cannot yet publicly release this newest version.

If you would like a copy of vm118-USPSv5.2011.03.25, please send a donation and I will email it to you.  This donation will go towards releasing both versions publicly.

NOTE! Anyone who donated previously for the vm117-USPSv5.2011.02.10 version can email me for a free copy.  Please reference the paypal transaction number, or use the email that you used for the payment.

Tags: USPSv5 | USPS | VirtueMart | Shipping Module

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FedExv2 Bugfix
2011.03.07 20:20:17
Versions affected:

- Signature option was malformed, resulting in signature fees not being added to final shipping cost
- please re-download the appropriate archive and replace the following file:

Tags: FedExv2 | FedEx Web Services | VirtueMart | Free Software | Shipping Module | bugfix

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