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Tag: UPSv2

On Hold - VM2.0 Shipping modules
2012.10.21 21:31:45

I know I've been promising a lot of people the VirtueMart 2.0 compatible shipping modules in the next few weeks, but I am going to have to put that on hold for a while.  I'm really unsure of how long.  Some life situations have come up that prevent me from having any extra time to work on the modules.  Namely, I'm getting married in January and the plans are taking a lot of time.  Also, my grandfather is terminally ill, and I've been spending more time with him.

So, I'm sorry to dissapoint, and I really do want to complete the modules, but I cannot at this time.  Keep watching this blog for updates, probably after January.


Please pray for me and my family, as we need all the prayer and support we can get!

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vm119 Combined Shipping Module
2012.07.31 14:39:37

My combined shipping module includes UPSv2, FedExv2, and USPSv5. It is based on VirtueMart 1.1.9 code.

I've had approximately 15 installations with no reports of issues with this module, so I am publicly releasing it.  Visit my "Free Software" page to download today.

Tags: Shipping Module | FedEx | FedExv2 | UPS | UPSv2 | USPSv5 | USPS | Free Software | VirtueMart | Update | gpl

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Baby Steps, or, A Combined Shipping Module
2011.09.01 23:24:18

At a client's request, I have taken the first small step towards a unified UPSv2 + USPSv5 + FedExv2 module. I've merged them altogether and updated the core files to vm119!  However, I've only tested the bundling option.  I have no idea if the other features even work.

I still plan on merging the feature set so that all modules benefit from all of the neat functions that previously only worked for one of them....but it's going to be a while.

I've also been reading up on cutting and packing algorithms, with the end goal of a box-stuffing algorithm in mind.

Tags: Shipping Module | UPSv2 | USPSv5 | FedExv2 | Free Software | VirtueMart

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UPSv2 Bugfix
2011.05.24 23:14:03

Variable names were not correctly changed, causing potential issue with display of Freight, HAZMAT, and FREE shipping images on the flypage.

Download updated vm118-upsv2.2011.04.19.zip.  Extract and replace the following file on your server:

Tags: UPSv2 | bugfix

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UPSv2.2011.04.19 Public Release
2011.05.11 14:05:20
This latest version of the UPSv2 module is based on VirtueMart 1.1.8 code.  It has all of the features of the previous versions, ported to this newer code base.  No no features this time around.

Tags: UPS | Shipping Module | Free Software | Joomla | VirtueMart | UPSv2

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UPSv2.2011.04.09 Available
2011.04.19 16:35:49

vm118-upsv2.2011.04.09 is now available on a per-donation basis. This module features everything from vm117-upsv2.2011.02.11 does, but has been ported to VirtueMart 1.1.8 code.

This module will be publicly released pending enough donations to cover the time spent porting and testing it.  Send donations via paypal, any amount will suffice.  Please indicate which module the donation is for.

Tags: UPSv2 | VirtueMart | Joomla | Free Software | Shipping Module | UPS v2

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UPSv2.2011.02.11 Public Release
2011.04.19 16:30:46

vm117-upsv2.2011.02.11 has been publicly released.  It is available from my "Free Software" page.


Thank you donators!

Tags: UPSv2 | VirtueMart | Joomla | Free Software | Shipping Module | UPS v2

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UPSv2 Bugfix
2011.03.30 21:37:02

Versions affected:
vm115-upsv2.2011.01.13 and higher

"Declared Value" option has changed.  Declared value is now part of the Insurance declaration construct in the API.

Re-download the affected version.  View the CHANGELOG.txt file to see what files were updated, and apply those udpated files to your installation.

Tags: UPSv2 | bugfix

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UPSv2 Bugfix
2011.02.13 23:25:45
A bug dealing with the tax total display during checkout has been found and fixed.  The bug did not cause the final total charged to the user to be wrong (e.g. the amount sent to PayPal was still correct), but did cause the tax total and/or total displayed to be wrong in some cases.  This affects shops with their tax configuration in "Based on shipping address" mode.

I have fixed this bug in vm115.upsv2.2011.01.13 and vm117.upsv2.2011.02.13.
Please download the updated installation files, and replace your basket.php and ro_basket.php in /administrator/components/com_virtuemart/html/ with the updated files.

Tags: UPSv2 | bugfix

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UPSv2.2011.2.11 Available
2011.02.11 22:33:20

This latest version of my UPSv2 module is for VirtueMart 1.1.7, and is being released on a donation-to-public basis.  It has all the features of the UPSv2.2011.01.13 module, but has been ported to VirtueMart 1.1.7 for better compatibility.

If you would like a copy, please send a donation via the "Donation" button on the left menu, or paypal directly to me.  Please indicate which module the donation is for, and I'll email you your copy.  Once my time has been compensated for, I will publicly release the module for all.

Tags: UPS v2 | Shipping Module | Free Software | Joomla | VirtueMart | UPSv2

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UPSv2.2011.01.13 Released
2011.01.18 20:46:09

This latest version of UPSv2 is again for VM1.1.5 and features the following additions:
- Option to use "Declared Value" for rate queries
- Option to override default declared value (product price) with user-defined price
- Option to trigger free shipping per product, based on other products in the cart

And also one other change:

- Flagged "UPS Standard" as a "basic ground" service, to enable free shipping/flat rates to override the actual cost


Download this new version from my Free Software page today!

Tags: UPSv2 | VirtueMart | Joomla | Free Software | Shipping Module | UPS v2

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UPSv2.2010.11.12 Released
2010.11.23 15:23:08

This latest version for VM1.1.5 includes UPS Negotiated Rates support.  Download from my Free Software page today!

file: vm115-upsv2.2010.11.12.zip


Thanks goes to Sandtastik Products, Inc for underwriting the port of this code to UPSv2

Tags: UPS v2 | Shipping Module | Free Software | Joomla | VirtueMart | UPSv2

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UPSv2.2010.11.05 Released
2010.11.08 19:58:31

Version: 2.2010.11.05

Filename: vm115-upsv2.2010.11.05.zip

A few small additions have been made to the module. Most notably:

- per-product shipping service restriction mechanism

- added option to disable rate caching

And also:

- changed the default UPS API URL in upsv2.cfg.php
- removed donation, update, and testing tab links and files
- changed Package and Shipment class locations and class names to better integrate with my other shipping modules
- added warning message if no matching rates were found.  This may assist in debugging.

Tags: UPSv2 | VirtueMart | Joomla | Free Software | Shipping Module | UPS v2

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UPSv2 Bugfix
2010.11.03 21:52:05

A bug has been found in UPSv2, affecting carts with freight-only contents.

During checkout, the last step may error out with a "Please select another shipping method" error.

Versions affected: vm114-2010.08.10, vm115-2010.08.12.   Please re-download these versions, and apply the updated file:


Tags: bugfix | UPS v2 | Shipping Module | Free Software | Joomla | VirtueMart | UPSv2

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UPSv2.2010.08.12 Released
2010.09.15 15:34:36
This latest version is for VirtueMart 1.1.5, and features everything in UPSv2.2010.08.10.  Download from my Free Software page today!

Tags: UPSv2 | VirtueMart | Joomla | Free Software | Shipping Module | UPS v2

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UPSv2 Update
2010.08.10 16:27:31

UPSv2 has had a couple of big features added.

1) Shipping tax mechanism which mirrors the product tax.  You may now charge shipping tax using the same rate as your products, OR use the original flat rate tax mechanism.

2) After-the-fact tracking number support.

This system allows you to enter UPS or FedEx tracking numbers, and will automatically show a direct tracking link to the appropriate carrier's website.  It also has a mechanism for emailing these numbers to the user.

Download version 2010.08.10 for these new features!

Tags: UPSv2 | VirtueMart | Joomla | Free Software | Shipping Module | UPS v2

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UPSv2.2010.03.26 Update
2010.07.19 19:17:38

Options. The more, the better, right?

I've added the "flat tax rate" mechanism back in to UPSv2.  This is the original tax function that came with UPS v1.0 (this version ships with VirtueMart).  Now, you can choose between this flat tax behavior, or my new product tax mirroring system.

This module is still not publicly released, but is 60% towards being so.  You can obtain a copy by donating to the cause!

Tags: UPSv2 | VirtueMart | Joomla | Free Software | Shipping Module | UPS v2

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UPSv2.2010.03.26 Available (Tax Update)
2010.05.05 13:36:50

It took a while, but it's finally here.  My UPSv2 tax update! It is fully tested for Canadian and US tax setups.  The EU mode has not been tested, however.

Also, I have not yet released this version publicly.  I had quoted my client 4 hours, but the update actually took about 8!  So my client covered half the cost, as we agreed upon.  Now I need your help covering the rest.  Once that is done, I'll release it for the benefit of everyone!

Contact me if you'd like to purchase a copy.

Tags: UPSv2 | VirtueMart | Joomla | Free Software | Shipping Module | UPS v2

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UPSv2 2010.02.15
2010.02.17 16:54:06

The updates keep coming! The newest version of UPSv2 offers:

Feature Updates:
- option to restrict products to ground shipping services

- Shipment Warning/ETA Quote/Guaranteed Days to delivery options now work

Tags: UPSv2 | VirtueMart | Joomla | Free Software | Shipping Module | UPS v2

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cartRates for UPSv2 and VirtueMart update
2010.01.27 19:13:06
I've updated my cartRates plugin to better work with VirtueMart v1.1.4, as well as all previous supported versions.  See my downloads page for link.

Tags: cartRates | VirtueMart | UPSv2

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