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UPSv2.2009.10.01 Release
2009.10.02 00:36:03
I've released a new version of my popular UPSv2 module.  The new version allows further control over shipping restrictions by giving you control down to the zip code level.  Check out my free software link to download!

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FedExv2 - An interesting development
2009.09.02 14:51:26
I was recently contacted by a representative of the FedEx shipping services integration team.  We have a nice chat on the phone, and it seems that FedEx is keeping up with various eCommerce solutions and their shipping offerings, including VirtueMart.  They may be providing me with some assistance with the further development of my FedExv2 module.  More to come later!

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DebitWay/INTERAC Online
2009.08.12 17:37:56

I'm currently integrating the Debitway/INTERAC online payment processor into VirtueMart.  The hoops to jump through have been interesting, but after all is said and done I hope to have a solid payment module to offer!

Keep an eye on this website, and theVirtueMart forums for when it is released.  I'll be happy to help others integrate the module, for a fee of course. Wink

Tags: VirtueMart Debitway INTERAC payment

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FedEx 2.0
2009.07.22 13:52:44

I've completed the basic FedExv2.0 shipping module for VirtueMart! I have not received much financial support, therefor I will be selling copies for $25USD until development costs have been covered.  See this post for more details:



(Update 2010/01/04: FedEx v2 has been publicly released. See my software downloads page to obtain a copy)

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FedEx WebServices
2009.07.09 16:36:09

Fedex has stated that their "Web API" will be discontinued this summer (I couldn't find the url or email for exact dates, sorry), in favor of their new "Web Services" platform.  This will require a re-write of the Fedex Shipping module for VirtueMart.  Bob Bloom and I have attempted to find sponsors for coding a new Fedex Module for VirtueMart, but we did not have good results.  However, recently a few new sponsors have popped up, so I think it's time to bring it up again.

Bob has generously agreed to let me "take the reins" of this undertaking, so here's what I need:  Sponsor for approximately 10-20 hours development time.

If you would like to help sponsor the new Fedex shipping module for Joomla, please contact me with the amount you are willing to contribute. My email is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

For reference, here are a few links to topics about the Fedex API to Web Services switch:



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VirtueMart - Automerge saved cart
2009.06.29 16:49:21

A client needed any saved cart to be automatically merged with any current cart upon user login.  This avoids some user confusion, and removes the "saved cart" link from the mini-cart, which was causing some issues with customized themes (ja_larix in particular).  Check out my free downloads page, under the VirtueMart section for the download. Works with VM1.1.3-Stable.

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Joombible v0.01a
2009.06.28 22:15:32

Joombible has reached an alpha-like state, meaning I've reached a point with it where I am comfortable showing it to others.  It has a few bugs which you won't encounter in the demo, but they are there.  And this is not by any means what the end product will be! Far, far from it, this is only the beginning.

Check it out here

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SSL and IE warnings
2009.06.19 20:05:39

We've all seen it, some of us have fought it.  The dreaded IE "There are secure and insecure items on this page" pop up.  Yuck!  What causes it? Most of the time it is hard-coded URLs in templates that refer to a non-SSL URL.  I've also seen css files with hard coded URLs cause it as well.

How do you fix it? Well, most of the time you need to dive in to the template code, find the hard coded URLs and replace them with Joomla API calls that decide which items need to be secured or not. Fun!

I had one client who wanted only his login info to be encrypted, and everything else unencrypted in order to get rid of the IE pop up.  So, I traced down the necessary code and added a hack.  Basically this hack allows you to send your login info over SSL, then forces the website back into HTTP mode.


Check out my free software page under "Joomla Hacks" and download com_user.zip if you would like to test it on your site.

Tags: Joomla Hack SSL Redirection

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UPSv2 - CartRates
2009.05.12 18:49:29

I've decided to release my CartRates Joomla plugin with a GPL license.  This plugin works along side my UPSv2 module to display the estimated shipping rates from the VirtueMart "cart", as well as the lowest rate in the mini cart.


See my "Free Software" page for download.

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In my spare time
2009.04.29 01:33:58

I've finally had some free time to delve into Joomla component development.  The tutorials are, well...lacking, when you can find them.  I've managed to rough out a basic framework for a component, and hit upon an idea for a component to create as a self-teaching experience:

My brother in law is in seminary, and is working on a website to discuss various topics about the bible.  While I've found several Joomla components that allow for various bible-related functions, I've never come across a bible text component.  I plan on creating (eventually) a component along with modules and plugins for:

  • browseable, searchable bible
  • bible quotes of the day
  • discussions of bible passages
  • multiple versions (translations)
  • interspersion of different versions/translations for ease of comparison

Tags: Joomla component bible

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UPSv2.2009.4.22 released
2009.04.24 14:58:29

UPSv2.2009.04.22 has been released. It allows for two handling fees, depending on the total order value.  I'd really like to migrate this to a more flexible mechanism that would allow any number of different handling fees for any number of different order totals (ranges).  If you'd like to underwrite this update, please contact me.  I believe I could get it done in 10 hours or less.


Otherwise, visit my software download page to get the latest module!


Tags: Free Software VM VirtueMart UPSv2

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CartRates plugin - Demonstration
2009.03.15 19:00:44
I've added a demostration shop for my VirtueMart CartRates plugin.  Check it out HERE

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Review Notifier for VM
2009.03.15 13:53:17
I've posted my "review notifier" code to my free downloads page.  It sends the site admin an email each time a new product review is posted.  Works with VM1.1.2.

Tags: Free Software VM VirtueMart

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2009.03.11 23:29:31

UPSv2.0.2009.3.11 released! See my downloads page to get the code!

New feature: HAZMAT! Declare products as HAZMAT, add the additional HAZMAT shipping fee, and show a HAZMAT image on the product flypage!
Also includes a few bugfixes and code clean up.

FULL UPSv2.0 Usage Instructions included in this version!

Tags: upsv2 free software

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UPSv2 - Oops!
2009.03.09 13:18:44

It seems I forgot to include usage instructions in my last UPSv2 version.  It took over 30 downloads for someone to bring that to my attention ;)

I'll be adding the instructions back in today or tomorrow, and reposting the file.

Thanks for your patience!


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IDoBlog module
2009.02.25 15:39:26
I use the IDoBlog component for my blogging, but it was missing a module to show the latest blog entries.  So, I coded one up for myself.  Check out my free software page to download.

Tags: downloads IDoBlog free module

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2009.02.10 01:29:37
I came across a nifty product called RSForm, which allows for rapid development of form based input.  It allows for a plethora of input types, from simple text to radio buttons to drop down lists and even file uploads.  The ability to use your own custom PHP and Javascript code allows for these forms to be dynamically updated, even connected to a database! Pretty neat stuff.  I'll probably be using it for future jobs that require form-based input.  This should save my clients a few bucks in the end, even with the cost of the RSForm product itself.

Tags: RSForm tools

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2009.02.03 18:42:35
Welcome to my blog. Check here for updates, musings, and interesting tidbits.


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