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vm119 Combined Shipping Module
2012.07.31 14:39:37

My combined shipping module includes UPSv2, FedExv2, and USPSv5. It is based on VirtueMart 1.1.9 code.

I've had approximately 15 installations with no reports of issues with this module, so I am publicly releasing it.  Visit my "Free Software" page to download today.

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VirtueMart 2.0
2012.04.15 00:04:15

I just wanted to clear up any confusion and/or questions about my shipping modules and VirtueMart 2.0.  My UPSv2, USPSv5, and FedExv2 (and all other current modules available for download on my website) do NOT work with VirtueMart 2.0.


I do have plans to create a unified module for VM2 at some point in the (hopefully near) future.  I've only just had time to download, install, and begin learning the ins and outs of VM2.0, so the shipping modules are still a good ways out.


Thank you, and check back here for updates.


Tags: Shipping Module | USPSv5 | USPS | Free Software | VirtueMart | Update | VirtueMart 2.0

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USPSv5 Service Name Change
2012.01.26 19:24:20
USPS has changed the "First-Class Mail Package" to "First-Class Mail Parcel".  I have updated the vm118 and BASIC versions of the USPSv5 module to reflect this change.  To update your module, download the appropriate zip, unpack uspsv5.php and copy to /administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes/shipping/.  Save your config a few times to make sure the new name takes effect

Tags: Update | VirtueMart | Free Software | USPS | USPSv5 | Shipping Module

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USPSv5 Bugfix
2012.01.05 13:53:47
Affected Versions:

Bug Description:
Bundled packages with combined weight greater than 70 lbs were not being split into multiple packages

Files affected:

Download the updated version of your module, and replace this file.

Tags: Shipping Module | USPSv5 | USPS | Free Software | VirtueMart | bugfix

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USPSv5.2011.03.25 Released
2011.06.27 13:40:09
vm118-USPSv5.2011.03.25 is now available for download on my Free Software page.

Tags: USPSv5 | USPS | VirtueMart | Shipping Module

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USPSv5.2011.02.10 Released
2011.06.27 13:39:34
vm117-USPSv5.2011.02.10 is now available download on my Free Software page.

Tags: USPSv5 | USPS | VirtueMart | Shipping Module

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USPSv5.2011-03-25 Available
2011.03.25 14:58:14

This is a very small update of the VM117 version in order to be in line with the recent VM118 release.  There were only 2 files involved, with some minor updates.  You should be able to use the VM117 version with VM118 with little or no consequence.

The previous version of this module (vm117-USPSv5.2011.02.10) is still on a donation basis release schedule, so I cannot yet publicly release this newest version.

If you would like a copy of vm118-USPSv5.2011.03.25, please send a donation and I will email it to you.  This donation will go towards releasing both versions publicly.

NOTE! Anyone who donated previously for the vm117-USPSv5.2011.02.10 version can email me for a free copy.  Please reference the paypal transaction number, or use the email that you used for the payment.

Tags: USPSv5 | USPS | VirtueMart | Shipping Module

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NOTICE USPSv5.2010.04.05
2011.02.16 14:39:23
The USPS v3 API is being discontinued in April.  I have therefore discontinued support for vm114-uspsv5.2010.04.05, in favor of my new USPSv5 modules which support the v4 API.  These have not been publicly released, but are available on a donation basis.  There are two versions: USPSv5.2011-02-09-BASIC which simply drops in, and has no features; and USPSv5.2011-02-10 which is built on VirtueMart 1.1.7 code and features bundled/unbundled product support, dimension declaration, and GXG service support.  If you would like a copy of either, please send a donation via PayPal to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and indicate which version of the module you'd like a copy of.  I will publicly release these modules once enough donations are recieved to compensate me for development time.

Tags: USPSv5 | USPS | VirtueMart | Shipping Module

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USPSv5.2011-02-10 Available
2011.02.10 23:38:45

This version of my USPSv5 module includes:
- v4 Domestic and v2 Inernational API support (IMPORTANT! The old v3 is being phased out.)

- Bundled/Unbundled products

- Package Dimension declaration

- GXG support

- built for VirtueMart 1.1.7


Like with my USPSv5.2011-02-09-BASIC module, this module will be donation supported, and once I have obtained enough donations to cover the 6+ hours of time I spent on it, I will publicly release it.  If you would like a copy, please send a paypal donation labeled "USPSv5.2011-02-10", and I'll email a copy to you.

Tags: USPSv5 | USPS | VirtueMart | Shipping Module

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USPSv5.2011-02-09-BASIC Available
2011.02.09 19:23:01

This version of my USPSv5 module adheres to the "drop in" concept for shipping modules, meaning you simply copy files to the appropriate location, configure the module, and it is ready to go.  No bells, whistles, or any other features of any kind.  This module supports the latest API versions - v4 for domestic shipments and v2 for international shipments. THIS IS IMPORTANT! The old v3 API is being deprecated, and will cease to function sometime this spring.

There is one gotcha, dealing with package sizes.  Any package declared as "Large" has to have its dimensions declared.  This is fine and well with products that ship by themselves, but add in multiple products or different dimensions and there is no easy way to determine package size.  So the BASIC module will be restricted to use the "Regular" package declaration.

I have not publicly release the module, but I am selling copies for donations.  Once enough donations are gathered to cover my development time, I'll publicly release it.

Tags: USPSv5 | USPS | VirtueMart | Shipping Module

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USPS Name Changes....Again
2011.01.03 13:59:33

USPS has once again changed the names of their services, this time adding a "registered" mark to the end.  And once again, name-matching shipping modules like mine and all of the other VirtueMart modules have broken because of it.  I really need to revamp the module to match service numbers instead of the names.

Download the latest version of USPSv5 and the cart-rates plugin from my "Free Software" page.  I have incorporated a fix for the new service names in each.   (vm114.uspsv5.2010.04.05)

Tags: USPS | Shipping Module | VirtueMart | Free Software | bugfix

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USPSv5 - plgSystemCartRates
2010.07.26 18:53:03
I've found and fixed a bug in the source information gathering mechanism, which may prevent the cart rates plugin from functioning correctly. Please uninstall your current plugin, download the latest source, and reinstall.

Tags: USPS | VirtueMart | Shipping | Free Software | Shipping Module | Cart Rates

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USPSv5.2010.04.05 - Service Names
2010.07.08 00:46:16

USPS changed their service names again, which again has broken some services in the module.  Re-download USPSv5 and re-install (files only).  You'll need to run through the config again, as the internal service name and numbers have changed.  Your selected services may be out of order.


Tags: Shipping Module | USPS | USPSv5 | VirtueMart | Free Software

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USPSv5.2010.04.05 Available
2010.04.09 21:05:25

This latest release features an internal revamp to allow for the Cart-Rates plugin, which shows estimated shipping rates in the cart before a user checks out. This version is not yet publicly released, as my time has not been compensated for.  If you'd like a copy, please contact me for more details.  Once the module is covered, I'll release it publicly.

Tags: USPS | VirtueMart | Shipping | Free Software | Shipping Module

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