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Tag: VirtueMart 2.0

On Hold - VM2.0 Shipping modules
2012.10.21 21:31:45

I know I've been promising a lot of people the VirtueMart 2.0 compatible shipping modules in the next few weeks, but I am going to have to put that on hold for a while.  I'm really unsure of how long.  Some life situations have come up that prevent me from having any extra time to work on the modules.  Namely, I'm getting married in January and the plans are taking a lot of time.  Also, my grandfather is terminally ill, and I've been spending more time with him.

So, I'm sorry to dissapoint, and I really do want to complete the modules, but I cannot at this time.  Keep watching this blog for updates, probably after January.


Please pray for me and my family, as we need all the prayer and support we can get!

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VirtueMart 2.0
2012.04.15 00:04:15

I just wanted to clear up any confusion and/or questions about my shipping modules and VirtueMart 2.0.  My UPSv2, USPSv5, and FedExv2 (and all other current modules available for download on my website) do NOT work with VirtueMart 2.0.


I do have plans to create a unified module for VM2 at some point in the (hopefully near) future.  I've only just had time to download, install, and begin learning the ins and outs of VM2.0, so the shipping modules are still a good ways out.


Thank you, and check back here for updates.


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